Fat Cats are dying. Did their conscience get to them? Or did someone else? Beatrice Stubbs must find out before the next victim dies. It’s her last chance.

Behind Closed Doors Paperback
Behind Closed Doors Ebook

In Behind Closed Doors, Beatrice is on loan to Interpol in Zurich. Four corporate executives are dead.
Yet the same DNA is present at each ‘suicide’. The case is crucial – Beatrice’s first since her extended convalescence. She has a fight on her hands. Tensions within the team, an aggressive counterpart and
no proof to nail the prime suspect all cause her daily headaches. At least her own battle remains private.
Or so she thinks.

She’s being watched by someone who knows her weak points. When private becomes public, there’s
no such thing as behind closed doors.



The Porsche thundered through the trees. Belanov steered with his left hand, allowing his right, complete with TAG Heuer, to rest on the gearstick. Her colour was high and he could sense her exhilaration. He allowed the vehicle a four-wheel slide as they arrived at the cabin.

“OK, Ms McKendrick. I’ll be five minutes. Would you like me to leave the music on for you?”

“You know what? I think I might be safe enough to come in while you get your stuff. Apart from anything else, I could use the bathroom.”

Belanov repressed a grin and bowed like a gentleman as he opened the passenger door and offered his arm. He ran through his list. White wine and snacks in fridge, vodka in freezer. Fire laid, clean sheets, camera charged. And in the bedside drawer, a high-quality twist of cocaine. Czech.